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Langue des oiseaux et coq à l'âne. Autour de Raymond Hains
Quand :
21 août 2014 - 15:00 – 16:30
Où :
Frac Bretagne
Avenue André Mussat
35000 Rennes
Contact :
+33 (0)2 99 37 37 93
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A guided tour in English @ Frac Bretagne | Rennes | Bretagne | France
Langue des oiseaux et coq à l'âne. Autour de Raymond Hains


Conceived entirely around an associative ideal and on the principal of “du coq à l’âne” (French expression meaning “skip from one thing to another”), Langue des oiseaux et coq à l’âne is constructed around the French artist Raymond Hains (1926, Saint-Brieuc – 2005, Paris), major figure in the Frac Bretagne collection, whose art progressively dematerialized to become an art of the language. By exhibiting posters, photographs, items, sculptures as well as unpublished materials, archives and films. A large exhibition room devoted to Raymond Hains reveals his peculiar language patterns. Two other exhibition galleries are dedicated to artists that fully integrate language fields in their work playing with its lapses, misunderstanding and “drôleries” (funny). Some of them are artists of the Frac Bretagne collection (François Dufrêne, Jean Dupuy, George Dupin, Harald Klingelhöller, Yann Sérandour, Jacques Villeglé, Gil J. Wolman); Others are linked to it through humour and nonsence (Erica Baum, Julien Bismuth, Eric Duyckaerts, Anabelle Hulaut, Eric Maillet, Christian Marclay, Anne Marie Rognon, Anne de Sterk, Catherine Sullivan).

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Visuel : Vue de l’atelier de Raymond Hains à Nice, mars 2001 © George Dupin