Group show
11.10.2020 - 12.05.2020
Centre culturel Le Belvédère, Guer, Mairies de Saint-Malo de Beignon et Réminiac, Médiathèque de Missiriac


From a collection of contemporary works of art, assembled since the beginning of the 80s and today rich in 5000 works, the Frac Bretagne develops its mission of raising awareness of art throughout the regional territory by promoting the meeting, exchange and sharing.

It is in this dynamic that the new collaboration between Frac Bretagne and the federation of municipalities of Oust in Brocéliande are part of : to make contemporary creation accessible in different places and to make it discover to the public. Echoing the theme of the cultural season about water, the selection of works made within the Frac Bretagne collection attempts to offer a varied and eclectic sample of the multiple variations offered by the artists on the subject, in different fields of visual arts: photography, drawing, painting, etc.

This project takes on a participatory dimension through its deployment in three municipalities in the territory, associating elected officials and local actors in the choice of works that they are keen to welcome in their spaces.

Collaborative project between Le Belvédère à Guer and the municipalities of Missiriac, Réminiac and Saint-Malo de Beignon.

+ Going to the Belvédère, Guer

Image : Marcelle Loubchansky, Fleurs d’eau (detail), 1961, huile sur toile © Marcelle Loubchansky. Photographic credit : Guy Jaumotte