The Frac Bretagne – Art Norac Award aims to support the professional development of Brittany-based artists at the international level. The award is a Frac Bretagne initiative supported by Art Norac, the sponsorship association of the Norac group.

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The Frac Bretagne–Art Norac Award

Brittany is one of the richest regions in France in the visual arts sector. Its large pool of artists is supported by a committed network of actors and venues throughout the territory. But even if there are plenty of opportunities for artists to produce, exhibit and have their work  collected, the development of their practice at the international level remains a challenge.

Frac Bretagne and Art Norac have been engaged in the construction of the artistic landscape in Brittany for a long time, with the goal of revealing the artistic talents and initiatives present within the region in the context of contemporary national and international artistic scenes.

In 2020, Frac Bretagne and Art Norac have chosen to join forces in their engagement with local artists by creating the Frac Bretagne–Art Norac Award. The goal of the award is to help bring artists active in the region to the international scene, in order to promote the professionalisation of their journey beyond the borders of France.

Each year, a partner structure in Europe or the rest of the world that is prepared to welcome an artist living and working in Brittany to produce a personal exhibition will be associated with the program.

Corentin Canesson
Born in 1988, lives and works in Brest and Paris.

Graduated from EESAB-Rennes in 2011, he participated to the 21st Prize of Fondation d’entreprise Ricard Le Fil d’Alerte. He has presented solo exhibitions at Sator gallery in Paris (2020), at Nathalie Obadia gallery in Paris (2018), at Crédac – Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry-sur- Seine (2017) and at Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain in Brest (2015).

Corentin Canesson practices painting as one would cover a music standard. Well aware of the medium’s history, he simultaneously works on abstract and figurative canvases, playing with resurgence of more or less confessed or hidden references to the paintings of Bram Van Velde or Philip Guston.

The “figures” inhabiting these series are to be understood here in the sense of “pretexts” to (continue to) paint. Whether the lyrics of a song by Yo La Tengo, the color of a book cover, a bird with a long beak are often the starting point for long series. Never really completed, the series continue to develop over the years, incorporating variables such as the format of the canvas or the exhibition budget.

For Mauve Zone (exhibition of the nominees of the Frac Bretagne-Art Norac Award 2021), paintings made between 2010 and 2017 are displayed side by side along with canvases freshly painted on site,  within a triple line. This display lacking unit of time or chronology is like an “ongoing retrospective” highlighting the strange permanence that operates whithin the work of Corentin Canesson where the oldest paintings are regularly brought into play, where abstract series closely rub shoulders with figurative works. As a space porous to music, Corentin Canesson’s pictorial work goes hand in hand with his practice as a guitarist in the experimental rock band The Night He Came Home. Without defined contours, this band constitutes another collaborative space to record and perform alongside other artists.

The Visual Arts Center (VAC) is a contemporary art space located in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Texas in Austin. The VAC is a resource platform for artists, curators and teachers to experiment, test ideas and take risks. Its mission is to generate constructive debates on art and contemporary society through exhibitions and public programs. An environment of discovery through experience devoted to important issues of our time, the VAC brings together the artistic community of Austin, students of the University of Texas, specialists and audiences of all ages to exchange ideas about the concepts of racial, societal, gender and cultural classes.

Corentin Canesson, Hilary Galbreaith, Camille Girard et Paul Brunet, Samir Mougas, Alisson Schmitt, Anaïs Touchot

An exhibition gathering the 6 artists will be curated by Elsa Vettier and presented at Frac Bretagne from February 12 to May 23, 2021.During the opening, the winner will be announced. His/Her work will be the subject of a solo exhibition at the Visual Arts Center in Austin, USA in 2022.

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The 2020 call for application is now closed.

We will be posting updates about the Frac Bretagne – Art Norac Award in February 2021.

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Art Norac, the award’s sponsor

Art Norac is an organization dedicated to the patronage of the arts, led by the agri-food group Norac. Founded in 2005 by Bruno Caron, Norac’s chairman and founder, the organization supports contemporary creation and participates in its dissemination to the general public and to employees of Norac group companies. For the Norac group, Art Norac provides a mean to actively participate in society and to develop its social responsibility in Rennes, where its head
office has been located for many years. Art Norac notably supports various contemporary art initiatives and actors in Rennes and Brittany (Master MAE, 40mcube, the Archives of Art Criticism…).

Image : Mauve Zone, exhibition 2021, Frac Bretagne, Rennes. Photo : Aurélien Mole.