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Céline Le Guillou
13.04 - 02.07.2024
Instituto Inclusartiz, Rio de Janeiro


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Winner of the Frac Bretagne-Art Norac Prize 2023, Céline Le Guillou presents a solo exhibition at the Institut Inclusartiz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Céline Le Guillou’s work combines subtlety, spontaneity and intimacy in her work. Active through interaction with visitors, her work is brought to life by the materials used.

The exhibition is curated by Victor Gorgulho and Gabriela Davies, and represents not only Céline Le Guillou’s experience and research in Rio de Janeiro, but also those of her two residency colleagues, Benoît Fournier and Alma Berrow, who are also participating in the show. It brings together pieces produced by the artists Céline met during her stay at Inclusartiz, creating links and exchanges with Brazilian culture and flora.


Born in 1994, lives and works in Quimper and Courtils.
Céline Le Guillou studied at ESAAA in Annecy, then at EESAB-site in Quimper, where she graduated in 2018. Her approach is underpinned by attention to the materials she uses. She went on to perfect her clay techniques at the Institut Européen des Arts Céramiques in the Haut-Rhin region of France. She continues with several exhibition projects, including the Les Chantiers residency program at Passerelle center d’art contemporain in Brest and the Minoterie21 residency in Morbihan.


In 2020, Frac Bretagne and its patron Art Norac created the “Prix du Frac Bretagne – Art Norac” or Frac Bretagne-Art Norac Prize. The aim of this prize is to help emerging artists from the regional scene to gain international experience in order to encourage them to develop their careers outside our borders.

Each year, a partner structure in Europe or worldwide, willing to welcome an artist living and working in Brittany to produce a solo exhibition, is associated with the scheme.

+ Visit the Institut Inclusartiz website

+ More information on the Prix du Frac Bretagne – Art Norac/ Frac Bretagne-Art Norac Prize

Visual: View of the exhibition Le Prix du Frac Bretagne – Art Norac. L’exposition des finalistes 2023, 13.10.2023 – 14.01.2024, Frac Bretagne, Rennes. Célne Le Guillou. Photo : Aurélien Mole

  • François Poivret, Quai d’Ivry, de l’ensemble Portrait de Jacques Villeglé, 27 novembre 1989 Collection Frac Bretagne © François Poivret Crédit photographique : François Poivret


Exposition collective
27.04 - 30.06.2024
Galerie du Faouëdic, Lorient

L’autre musée, the treasures of a major contemporary art collection

Founded in 1981, the Frac Bretagne (Regional collections of contemporary art – Frac) has been building up a nationally and internationally recognized regional collection of contemporary art for four decades. Often little-known by the general public, it constitutes Brittany’s contemporary heritage, which circulates throughout the region through exhibitions, participatory projects and workshops.
The exhibition at the Galerie du Faouëdic is an opportunity for the public in Lorient (and beyond) to discover the nuggets of Brittany’s heritage.


Maja Bajević
Paz Errázuriz
Shirley Jaffe
Olivier Laric
Richard Long
Vera Molnar
Tania Mouraud
François Poivret
Martha Rosler
Marion Scemama et David Wojnarowicz
Pierre Soulages
Jacques Villeglé


Exhibition at galerie du Faouëdic, boulevard Général Leclerc, Lorient, Wednesday to Sunday, 2pm to 7pm.
Free admission.

Guided tours (in French)

  • Wednesday, May 15 at 12:30 pm, by the Galerie team
  • Sunday June 9 at 3pm, by the Galerie team
  • Saturday June 29 at 3pm, by the Frac Bretagne team

Visuel : François Poivret, Quai d’Ivry, de l’ensemble Portrait de Jacques Villeglé, 27 novembre 1989 (détail). Collection Frac Bretagne © François Poivret
Crédit photographique : François Poivret

  • Gabrielle Goliath, This song is for… Vol 1, 2021 (détail) Collection Frac Bretagne © Gabrielle Goliath – Courtesy Goodman Gallery

This song is for… Vol 1

Gabrielle Goliath
Frac Bretagne, Rennes


Gabrielle Goliath

This song is for… Vol.1

Work from the Frac Bretagne collection acquired in 2022

Presented as an interactive listening room, This song is for… vol 1 is a unique collection of six vinyl records, drawn from the artist’s multi-channel video and sound installation, This song is for… (2019). In this more intimate context, the tactile, interactive form of the records engenders a different kind of listening experience, in which rituals of care attend and grant reverence to the sonic experience.

In This song is for… Goliath returns to and re-performs the popular con­vention of the dedication song, in collaboration with a group of women and gen­der-queer led musical ensembles. Each of the eleven songs (six of which are included here) were personally chosen by a survivor of rape and subsequently performed as a newly produced cover-version. These are songs of special significance to the survivors, songs that transport them back to a particular time and place, evoking a sensory world of memory and feeling.

A sonic disruption is introduced at a point within each song, recalling the ‘broken record’ effect of a scratched vinyl LP. Presented in this performed musical rup­ture is an opportunity for listeners to affectively inhabit a contest­ed space of traumatic recall – one in which the de-subjectifying violence of rape and its psychic afterlives become painfully entangled with personal and political claims to life, dignity, hope, faith, even joy.


Born in 1983 in Kimberley (South Africa).
Lives and works in Johannesburg.

Through the ritual, sonic and social encounters of her art practice, Gabrielle Goliath attends (and tends) to histories and present-day conditions of differentially valued life, reaffirming ways in which black, brown, femme and queer practices of possibility perform the world differently. Each of her works convenes a coming-to – a tenuous community – collapsing the presumed remove and privileged subject position of representation (as white, male, heteronormative) and calling for meetings in and across difference, on terms of complicity, relation and love.

+ Download the exhibition guide

+ The texts of the installation are available here

Image : Gabrielle Goliath, This song is for… Vol 1, 2021 (détail) Collection Frac Bretagne
© Gabrielle Goliath – Photo Courtesy Goodman Gallery

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