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Parrathon, a retrospective by Martin Parr

Martin Parr
13.06.2020 - 24.01.2021
Frac Bretagne and Thabor Park, Rennes

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a retrospective by Martin Parr

Entitled Parrathon, this retrospective of the iconic English photographer’s works traces the artist’s career through fourteen iconic series, dating from the mid-1970’s to the present day.

In total, nearly five hundred images await audiences at the Frac Bretagne and at the Thabor Park in Rennes.

Among the most famous photographers in the world today, whose work presents one of the most mischievous points-of-view in contemporary photography, Martin Parr is, according to Thomas Weski, an international expert on contemporary photography and the artist’s official biographer, the “chronicler of our time”.

His colourful and offbeat images, full of derision and irony, seem, at first glance, exaggerated or even grotesque. The patterns he chooses are strange, the colours garish and the perspectives unusual.  Mass tourism, class leisure or everyday objects found around the world, the subjects of his images reveal to us how we live, how we present ourselves to others, and what we value.

Frac Bretagne presents the world premiere of the Parrathon retrospective designed by the artist and produced with Magnum Photos in collaboration with Fovearts. The exhibition brings together his obsessions, his taste for kitsch, his attraction to overabundance, his intuitive and critical view on our society without judgment, all marked by his very English taste for ironic innuendo.

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Frac Bretagne, Rennes
from Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
3€ full price/2€ reduced price
Free entrance : under 26 years old
Free entrance every first Sunday of each month

It is not possible to book as an individual visitor. Thank you for your understanding.

Parc du Thabor, Orangerie, Rennes
Summer : every day from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Winter : every day from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Free entrance

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Image : Autoportrait, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2007. © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos

Estelle Hanania

Estelle Hanania
11.07.2020 - 20.09.2020

Estelle Hanania

Masks and disguises, puppets or men of the fields, the affable figures and disturbing creatures of the French photographer Estelle Hanania adorn the streets of St-Briac-sur-Mer. A summer journey through 50 flags to discover a village with character and encounter with contemporary creation.

Graduated from Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris in 2006, Estelle Hanania was awarded the same year at the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival. In 2010, she was also one of the winners of the American magazine Photo District News, PDN’s 30, which recognizes 30 emerging photographers. She quickly adds press commissions to her personal work and collaborates with major fashion brands as with famous Lifestyle magazines.
Her work comes in series that she realizes through sometimes unusual and always humanly strong encounters.

Masks and disguises are recurring motifs in his iconography varrying between affable figures and disturbing creatures. The traditions in themselves interest her for their theatricality and the richness of their unusual details. But beyond the traditional, ritual aspect of events or celebrations, what pushes her towards all these “communities” is rather a fascination for the “group”. The way in which people unite and create strong bonds between them, bonds which govern certain principles of their life.

Practical information

Free exhibition in the streets of Saint-Briac-sur-Mer.
The exhibition Estelle Hanania is organize by the Ville de Saint-Briac-sur-Mer in partnership with the Frac Bretagne.

+33 (0)2 99 88 32 34

Image : Estelle Hanania, Cassandro el Exotico (détail), 2018 © Estelle Hanania

Documentation Céline Duval

documentation céline duval
13.06.20 - 13.09.2020
Frac Bretagne, Rennes

Documentation Céline Duval

Céline Duval has been building up an iconographic collection from various sources for several years : press photos, advertisements, fashion images cut out in magazines, amateur photos, postcards found at flea markets and her own photos. This documentation is a base for the production of a set of editions and notebooks, revealing photographic stereotypes.

→ The documentation céline duval collection from Frac Bretagne is available for consultation in the online artist’s books collection.

An exhibition booklet is available on the documentation portal.

Le Mur du Fonds

Devoted to the presentation of editorial initiatives, le Mur du Fonds gives prominence to the collection of multiples and artists’ books from Frac Bretagne as well as to artists, graphic designers, editors and students who develop an original approach to publishing. Very reactive, its programming is thought out in exchange and  with artistic news…

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Visuel : documentation céline duval, Les cordes vocales, 2007. Fonds Livres d’artistes du Frac Bretagne © documentation céline duval. Crédit photographique : Lendroit éditions

Le Pédilove

Anaïs Touchot
Permanent installation
Frac Bretagne, Rennes

Le Pédilove

This installation by French Artist Anaïs Touchot (born in 1987 in Dinan), situated in Frac Bretagne’s Canyon, is a space where the public is invited to relax, read, listen, scribble, hide, or chat, surrounded by barricades/palisades and tatami mats. Le Pédilove offers a place for lounging, encouraging bodies to adopt a slightly softer attitude, waiting and lascivious. Words painted on fabrics, table and signs play with expressions lifted from hypnosis, meditation, and coaching tutorials, adding a “fortune cookie” aspect to the artificial environment.

By inventing a space that borrows codes from multiple places, Anaïs Touchot carries on with her work as a “builder” or “demolisher” of shared spaces, affirming her role in the production of forms in which she diverts the weight of materials, removing any aspect of solemnity. A spirit of derision hovers in the titles of her latest works: “I will leave my old skin there”, “Muddy Glory”, “Lost Cat”, “Beauty worker”. These installations use catchphrases and buzzwords as a way of anchoring oneself in a shared banality, one that levels hierarchies, bringing together the art of the beauty salon, the football match, or the cat bar. “Relax, everything will be fine”.

The Canyon

The so-called “skylight” space was transformed in 2019 into a “canyon”, a hybrid space between an artistic experimentation platform and an educational space. It is inhabited by the passable installation “Le Pédilove” by Anaïs Touchot. It is a friendly and flexible place that promotes debate and the collective as well as individual experience – it is equipped with tables, seats, documentary resources, etc.

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