Become a patron of Frac Bretagne, join an institution provided with the largest public collection of contemporary art in the region and thus participate in the rich cultural offer of our territory.

Pauline Janvier
Public relations and communication officer
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They already support us :

Why become a patron?

The enhancement of the territory

By working to develop the cultural program in Rennes and Brittany, you participate in their cultural development and promotion.

The social connection

Art is meant to generate dialogue and exchange. As such, it is unifying. It brings people together around a meaningful project and favours moments of conviviality.

Creativity and innovation

An artist is a visionary, whose productions often mirror contemporary changes in society. For companies for whom innovation and creativity are a priority, observing current trends in creation makes it possible to anticipate future developments.

The commitment

The partnership developed through sponsorship creates a strong link between the two entities involved. This desire for partnership is common to all of the projects initiated by the Frac Bretagne.

Benefit from tailor-made advantages

As a partner, you will benefit from the visibility offered by the Frac Bretagne’s visual communication: posters, flyers, press releases, newsletters, the website, etc.
In addition, partners may receive passes for exhibitions, invitations to openings, exhibition catalogs or the possibility of organising public events in an exceptional venue. Each acknowledgment is tailor-made for the partner in question.

Each collaboration is unique. Let’s create it together.

You may choose to support a specific project or all of the actions carried out by the Frac Bretagne.A partnership could, for example, concern:

– support for creation, by allowing the production or purchase of works

– support for exhibitions, by contributing to the organisation of exhibitions in our venue in Rennes or throughout the region

– support for publications, which will provide a lasting testimony to our collaboration

– support for educational projects carried out in schools or universities


Sponsorship may take the form of an exchange between the two partners in cash, in kind or in jurisdiction. It does not give the sponsor rights to a tax benefit, and any donation is subject to the VAT.


Under the law established August 1, 2003 concerning patronage, the patron benefits from an attractive tax regime, with a tax credit corresponding to 60% of the donated amount, within a limit of a 0.5% turnover (excluding taxes.)

In addition, the patron benefits from material compensation, valued at 25% of their donation.

In short, the real cost to their business represents only 15% of their donation’s total.

Image : Art Keller, Explosion émotionnelle, La mode de Baudrillard, Liquide organique, Mes phylactères, Parfaitement ridicule, Peinture abstraite, Réalité commerciale, 1993. Collection Frac Bretagne © Art Keller. Crédit photo : Marc Domage