Group show
19.09 - 17.12.2020
Frac Bretagne, Rennes


A paper exhibition? An exhibition to be destroyed?
EX.PDF is an exhibition that changes with each presentation, questioning the appearance and disappearance of light artworks, paper documents that envision multiple forms of writing.

Whether picked up by a member of the Frac team or a designated member of the public, each day […], one of the 41 posters on display [will] be shredded and left in piles on the floor.

curated by : cultureclub-studio

« EX.PDF [EX.Portable Document Format] is a editorial and curatorial concept that explores different forms of writing already shown publicly, whether in an urban, editorial or artistic context.

In relation to contemporary practices, EX.PDF offers a set of images gathered in a portfolio published in 15 copies. Intimately linked to the principle of “Do It” the latter is intended to bring together several exhibitions, under the impetus of different curators in different exhibition venues. Exponential, EX.PDF thus brings together proposals which, each in their own way, highlight, in the course of the displays and contexts, the effects of meaning relating to the (re)exhibited writings.

This presentation for the Mur du Fonds is the twelfth occurrence of this project, which moreover follows a precise implementation protocol established by the label hypothèse for the curators in charge. Article 14 thus states that, at the end of the exhibition, the venue must destroy the 41 documents making up EX.PDF, so that the copy of the portfolio cannot be shown again.

cultureclub-studio has chosen to make this process visible by requesting that one of the 41 posters on display be taken down by a member of the Frac team or a designated member of the public, every working day (6 days a week), and then shredded and left in a pile on the floor.

Based on a proposal from the hypothèse label, this project is being developed in partnership with CELLAM (Centre d’Etudes des Langues et Littératures Anciennes et Modernes of Rennes 2 University) as part of the EX2 project, and is labelled by the MSHB (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme en Bretagne). »

→ The portfolio EX.PDF : exposer les écritures exposées is available for consultation in the online artist’s books collection database.

Le Mur du Fonds

Devoted to the presentation of editorial initiatives, le Mur du Fonds highlights Frac Bretagne’s collection of multiples and artists’ books as well as artists, graphic designers, editors and students who develop an original approach to publishing. Very reactive, its programming is thought out in exchange and  with art actuality…

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Image : Ex-Pdf [EX.Portable Document Format] : Exposer les écritures exposées, view of the Art & Essai Gallery, Rennes 2 University, 2016 15th December – 2017 16th February © The artists. Photographic credit : John Cornu