Group show
12.02 - 23.05.2021
Frac Bretagne, Rennes


TNHCH (acronym for The Night He Came Home) is an experimental rock band founded in Rennes in 2013 by Corentin Canesson (guitars) and Arthur Beuvier (machines, synthesizers).

At first mainly focused on the creation of live performances imagined as part of numerous local artistic events, Damien Le Dévédec (bass, vocals) and Tim Karbon (drums, percussions) joined the band in 2016. They then began writing their first album “Retrospective My Eye” (2017). Both a tribute to the eponymous work of Robert Wyatt and the soundtrack of Corentin Canesson’s personal exhibition at Crédac Centre d’art contemporain d’Ivry-sur-Seine in January 2017, this first opus marks the birth of a more marked sound at the crossroads of punk energy and electronic experiments infused with techno motifs.
In the summer of 2019, while in residence at Lizières art center founded by the multidisciplinary artist Ramuntcho Matta, the group began writing a second album around the texts of poet and art critic Rene Ricard, essential figure of the New York underground scene of the 1970s. TNHCH was then reinforced by Maëla Bescond on lead vocals, and their sound began to gradually oscillate between a trip-hop under opioids and a post-rock mixed with noise guitars and tribal batteries.
At the end of an intensive one-week session of simultaneous composition and recording, the group begins to draw the contours of the project “ULTRA”, whose album was released (still independent) in October 2020 and whose the sleeves, exhibited on Mur du Fonds, were created by 30 fellow artists. Everyone was invited to create a series of ten artworks. In the end, three hundred copies create a strong graphic universe and show how the music of TNHCH intends to keep the link with this formidable artistic scene.

The artists

Clémentine Adou
Hélène Baril
Eva Barto
Romane Bourdet
Hugo Capron
Antoine Carbonne
Jean-Damien Charmoille
Mathis Collins, Joël Degbo
Hilary Galbreaith
Muriel Giroux
Charlotte Houette
Hélène Janicot
Ana Jotta
Petr Kirusha
François Lancien-Guilberteau
Bérénice Lefebvre
Renée Levi
Ramuntcho Matta
Jean-François Maurige
Julien Monnerie
Ryu Nishiyama
Marianne Pradier
Jinnie Roche
Lise Stoufflet
Benjamin Swaim
David Tramut
Virginie Vallée
Xiao Wang

Le Mur du Fonds

Devoted to the presentation of editorial initiatives, le Mur du Fonds gives prominence to the collection of multiples and artists’ books from Frac Bretagne as well as to artists, graphic designers, editors and students who develop an original approach to publishing. Very reactive, its programming is thought out in exchange and  with artistic news.

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Image : Le Mur du Fonds, ULTRA by TNHCH © Frac Bretagne. Photo credit : Aurélien Mole