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Group show
10.07 - 29.08.2021
Galerie du Faouëdic, Lorient

Coca-Cola triskel | Photographs from the Frac Bretagne collection

Coca-Cola triskel is the facetious title of a work by Raymond Hains, but it is also the unlikely union of modernity and tradition. This disparity is so characteristic of Brittany. At the invitation of the city of Lorient and the Lorient Interceltic Festival, the Frac Bretagne has put up an exhibition celebrating this theme of the territory, led by artists who live or have lived in Brittany, and who have been greatly inspired by this land.


Isabelle Arthuis (1969, France) Lives and works in Brussels.
Virginie Barré (1970, France) Lives and works in Douarnenez.
Muriel Bordier (1965, France) Lives and works in Rennes.
Daniel Challe (1961, France) Lives and works in Lorient.
Anita Gauran (1988, France) Lives and works in Rennes.
Raymond Hains (1926-2005, France)
Malick Sidibé (1936-2016, Mali)
Eric Tabuchi and Nelly Monnier (1960 and 1988, France) Live and work in Paris.
Michel Thersiquel (1944-2007, France)
Yves Trémorin (1959, France) Lives and works in Rennes.


Exhibition to discover at the galerie du Faouëdic, boulevard Général Leclerc in Lorient from Wednesday to Sunday, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Free exhibition and free entry.

Une Traversée photographique en Bretagne

Imagery: Michel Thersiquel, Sans titre, de l’ensemble Le pays Bigouden. Collection Frac Bretagne © Michel Thersiquel-Les Amis de Michel Thersiquel