documentation céline duval
06.13.20 - 09.13.2020
Frac Bretagne, Rennes

Documentation Céline Duval

Céline Duval has been building up an iconographic collection from various sources for several years : press photos, advertisements, fashion images cut out in magazines, amateur photos, postcards found at flea markets and her own photos. This documentation is a base for the production of a set of editions and notebooks, revealing photographic stereotypes.

→ The documentation céline duval collection from Frac Bretagne is available for consultation in the online artist’s books collection.

An exhibition booklet is available on the documentation portal.

Le Mur du Fonds

Devoted to the presentation of editorial initiatives, le Mur du Fonds gives prominence to the collection of multiples and artists’ books from Frac Bretagne as well as to artists, graphic designers, editors and students who develop an original approach to publishing. Very reactive, its programming is thought out in exchange and  with artistic news…

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Image : documentation céline duval, Les cordes vocales, 2007. Fonds Livres d’artistes du Frac Bretagne © documentation céline duval. Photographic credit : Lendroit éditions