The acquisition policy of the Frac Bretagne collection is a tightly controlled process.

Each year, the technical acquisition committee, composed of personalities and specialists in contemporary art and representatives of the state, the Brittany Region and the City of Rennes, meets to discuss the acquisition proposals received.

The selection of works to be acquired is then submitted for the approval of the members of the Board of Directors.

Etienne Bernard, director of Frac Bretagne, Rennes

Leonardo Bigazzi, curator of Lo Schermo dell’arte festival, Florence, Italy

Tessa Giblin, director of Talbot Rice Gallery, Edimbourg, United Kingdom

Geraldine Gourbe, art critic and curator, Paris

Basim Magdy, artist, Bâle, Switzerland

Sandra Patron, director of CAPC Musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux

The receipt of the acquisition proposal files is now closed for 2020.

Information on how to applicate for spring 2021 acquisitions will be online in autumn.

For any information, you may contact the collection department:

Acquisition Principles (2020-2022)

Without any form of exclusivity, special attention will be paid to augmenting existing categories of works (lien vers « la collection »).

Acquisitions will also carry on providing works for the collection of artist’s books (lien vers la base « livres d’artistes »), which represents one of the hallmark features of the Frac Bretagne collection.

Both out of a concern for asserting the powerful identity of the Frac Bretagne collection, associated with image, as well as a logic of diffusion, the Frac plans to consolidate its collection of video works.

Strict female/male parity will be observed in the acquisitions policy.

Furthermore, special attention will be paid to opening up the collection to cultural diversity.

Basel ABBAS & Ruanne ABOU-RHAME (Palestine). live and work in New York

Xavier ANTIN (France). lives and works in Paris

Oliver BEER (Royaume-Uni). lives and works in Edenbridge

Simon BOUDVIN (France). lives and works in Paris

Giulia CENCI (Italie). lives and works in Amsterdam

Marianne FAHMY (Egypte). lives and works in Alexandrie

Anita GAURAN  (France). lives and works in Rennes

Polina KANIS (Russie). lives and works in Amsterdam

Eva KOTATKOVA (République Tchèque). lives and works in Prague

Vincent MALASSIS (France). lives and works in Fougères

Cinthia MARCELLE & Tiago MATA MACHADO (Brésil). live and work in Sao Paulo

Randa MAROUFI (France-Maroc). lives and works in à Paris

Barbara MCCULLOUGH (Etats-Unis). lives and works in Los Angeles

Anita MOLINERO (France). lives and works in Paris

Quentin MONTAGNE (France). lives and works in Rennes

Charlotte MOTH (Royaume-Uni). lives and works in Paris

Marion SCEMAMA & David WOJNAROWICZ (France/Etats-Unis). Marion Scemama lives and works in Paris

Lucy SKAER (Royaume-Uni). lives and works between Glasgow and Londres

Anna SOLAL (France). lives and works in Paris

Lucie STAHL (Allemagne). lives and works in Berlin

Ana VAZ (Brésil). lives and works in Paris

Maya WATANABE (Pérou). lives and works in Amsterdam

Participatory Acquisitions Program

In 2020, a participatory acquisitions program was launched. Each year, a school group will take part in the construction of the collection by discovering how it functions as well as learning about economic issues in the sector (art market, artist’s economy, production, etc.).

Students will then present their proposals to the technical acquisitions committee.

The technical acquisitions committee

Appointed by the Board of Directors, the technical acquisitions committee takes part in the Frac’s acquisitions policy. It proposes and publishes opinions about acquisition projects, in a totally independent manner and in association with the Frac’s acquisitions policy as presented above. It proposes acquisition projects and gifts of artworks destined for the collection to the Board of Directors .

The technical acquisitions committee is made up of the director and five French and international art figures qualified in the contemporary art field. These qualified figures are volunteers and must include at least one artist. The composition of the technical acquisitions committee observes strict female/male parity.

The technical acquisitions committee is attended, with a consultative vote, by the head of visual arts for the National Ministry of Culture, a member of the cultural department of the Region of Brittany and a member of the cultural department of the City of Rennes.